A life purpose can be defined as a contribution to the world that uses your whole self fully and gives your life enthusiasm, passion, fulfillment, and meaning through dedication to something larger than yourself in this content we will know about what is the purpose of life,

what is the purpose of life

when we think about the purpose of life, we might be thinking about the What you want to be ? or what you want to do? either, if seeing that life purpose provides the meaning of a certain thing you do in current and also provides the direction and significance, in fact, every individual has their own purpose in life, apparently, the purpose of life that keep very matter in one's life, strictly taken decision towards the purpose of life can let an individual achieve higher something in, according to this purpose of life can be the sign of success ladder ,if the soul ignited to a sense of purpose, it has a major role in being the successful life ,or in growth as well , but sometimes the purpose of life is distracted when goal is something else than you do the job,  mismatch between the purpose of life and the job, for instance, one wants to be doctor, and study mathematics, then his purpose of life can be mismatched, very likely may be unable to complete the purpose of life,
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this is why in that sense of mismatch, people are feeling lost and purposelessness in their life, sometimes  causes the distraction just because are taught to behave in ways that fit the purposes of others, following the lead of our parents, peers,  etc may think how can I say so? , I said in this sense that, suppose you want to be a singer but your mind never stay on studying, your parents want you to be a pilot,  how you can achieve your purpose of life? it's really spacious but it is truly said your parents should have the same purpose you have to keep in your life, which is really meaningful to you,

How to find the purpose of life?

When the matter comes to find the purpose of life, it is just like the readymade built thing, for instance, you go shopping with a purpose to buy clothes or other materials, so, first of all, you try to find the best suitable clothes for yourself, which clothes can suit well in your body, after choosing  that cloths by yourself, you often buy that cloth, on the same way the purpose of your life is just like that cloths scene, only you are who can find the purpose of your life, nobody else can help you to find out your life purpose, the way you find out the clothes to buy, on the same you have to deeply think about what is your actual job, which can make your life, here is the play of your sense ,in finding the purpose of your life ,once you have a sense, who you are, what you want to do, why you want to do that ? what can give the meaning in life, what I am good at ? once you find out this, you have found the purpose of your life, and with that do love, what you love to do ,and love what you do ,so I hope you guys my friend like this content, if yes feel free to comment me, thanks for visiting my blog, VISIT ANOTHER PAGE