how i found a love,love,relationship
like everyone else, I also had the mind to find a love but this was something kind of impure love, I mean had nothing a kind of love, that was just entertainment, like walk together and eat together, for some months and years ,basically do not keep that relationship to which you say, love , love is the bond between two bodies, which has endless caring of each other, as you might have heard the song of Rehana we found love in a hopeless place , VISIT ANOTHER TO CHAT GIRL
For me  this would not be said hopeless place, this would be said the pleasure between two bodies,
maybe he(the male is with Rihanna in this song ) has some other intention with her,

we found love in a hopeless place

we found love in a hopeless place, means you loved somebody but the relationship between two of the body is unworthy kind of relationship, such kind of love is maternal love, which has no time period, and also has no longer expectation of such kind of love, RELATIONSHIP WITH GIRL
initially love is everything, for a body, but with time getting passed, the interest of love might be finishing,
this post is not dedicated to anybody but this is my  own opinion about love, in fact, I feel pity for them who are deceived in love, my friend had a friend who loved a girl more than himself,
we found love,relationship,love,
he could not stay for any longer without calling her, actually, she lived in his relative village, he always used to go to her, one-day girl"s marriage was arranged by her parents, when he came to know  this news of the marriage, he was tormented with this news, he decided to abscond away with her , but he could not say it directly, when he met with her ,eyes were full of tears , when she saw the tears in his eyes ,she embraced him tightly , he said to her , I won't survive without you, she pleased him with assurance , she will marriage with him ,but she said to him, we have to wait for some days ,she also assured him to leave her house to go with him, she said we will leave this place before a day of marriage day ,
love found in hopeless place,relationship and love,we found love in a hopeless place
he agreed with her proposal, a day before her marriage, he arranged everything to abscond away with her, but she rejected his plan, he became just like a Madkin, but what he could do was nothing, he made a call to her and asked the reason why she denied? she said no way to abscond from this house, as every member of her house had been with her, she was helpless too, now he started drinking wine, on her marriage day he became like a mad, as soon as the marriage was finished, and she went to her husband house, he  took poison and drunk out , on the one side marriage happiness was celebrating ,on the same 2nd side, death sorrow was screaming , when the death news of her lover went up to her, she said her friend that for the honor of my father, I didn't follow him, however, she did not weep for her lover death , thus real story finished here, with my suggestion that never loves anyone pure heartily, in this very life, everyone is not like Romeo and Juliet, thanks for visiting my site, visit now