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do you feel yourself to be in a depression? if yes you have come to the right place, where you get to know some best facts and ideas related to why one is deprerssed and how one can get rid of depression, though many are able to deal with the surface causes of unhappiness, there is one devil which is becoming more common than the common cold and that is depression before we delve more into the subject,  we would know why the basic emotion of depression was given to our body in the first place?    HOW TO MAKE ANIMAL FRIEND
just to tell you that when one is put in this condition of depression, he/she might lose the happiness of the moment which stresses on the brain, thus it causes the mental power reduced, therefore one always feel unhappiness in his/her life, one might not feel hungry, this is why have to survive for a longer period with naked essentialist,
in fact, depressed is just like as an emotion but is kind of bad things, bad for health, bad for mental condition, bad for the whole body, like one can say it is the negative kind of motivation, which motivate one to get in lost to achieve harness, so depression is that which put one in miseries ,
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in fact, being in depression means getting no fun, no smiling out of life, this is actually a major problem within a body, it encourages us to stay everyone alone, loneliness, and instigate to have a feeling of inferiority, you may have said the flop, means,  failed in this life, nothing can do now, in fact, this life is full of struggle, everyone has to pass through that way, you are not the single who struggle, once or thrice you are failed inherit the depression ? I think yes, thus you are put in depression,

Why depression occurs

Everyone has to feel down every now and then, none would say my life full of enjoyment, full of prosperous, they might have come across such kind of stuff, which can make you realize your depression, your stress, if you feel strong with some positiveness, you can get something to learn from them, no matter if you are still in stress, if not, maybe you are more unerect to bust of stress ,
one major person win Singh has said it  an attitude of mind so one can say depression occurs how one response and how one makes sense of the events, this applies not only to a particular money man, but also a simple person like me, like you, actually when come across such a condition, might forget to confess the situation, to overcome the situation , we start thinking  about that cause this major problem,  DO YOU WANT TO HAVE CHATTING WITH GIRLS
in fact, you may notice, feeling sad and being in a depression, these are not the same thing, feeling sad can be mitigated early but depression can't, depression is that which eat you, destroy you, but God has given you power, you can eat  to the depression instead to be eaten , so here your power may be in the sense of, say only, all is well, no matter how deeply you are depressed in, in fact saying this word gives you to gain internal power, your internal power is more almighty than any kind of power, so what kind of fear you have, what kind of depression you have, just say, it's nothing, life will give you a more thing to do, you are born to show your power, once you are filled with such kind of positiveness, you will surely win, this is how to get rid of depression , 
motivation,get rid of depression,happy man

so, friends, I hope you like my article and this article help you may put your opinion if you find it something good 
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