attractive girl ,how to attract a girl,
Do you ever try to attract any girl; thorough your smartness? okay you try to attract a girl but confined to get her attracted, never mind I will let you know my personal experience about how to attract a girl , just to tell you that a girl can't be attracted until/unless you do something special for her, like I mean to say, suppose you are in a class, and you want that girl to be attracted towards you, but she doesn't stare you ,you feel something sad , you try at your level to persuade her , but no hope to get her attracted ,

how to attract a girl

basically to attract a girl is really very tough, you can't imagine about her liking things unless you talk with her, it is said that your word and the way you do conversation with any person, has so much power,your words have those power which can attract anyone,so the first and foremost priority to convince a girl is which manner do you often talk with them, most of us confined to make conversation with them at first, and with that, start dreaming to attract her ,if you dream such a way, stop dreaming now, this will no longer help you, she might be lost, you can't able to attract her through your how decent clothes you wear, so I give you some of the tips that can help you to attract her , 

⇨ Try to find a way to talk with her, 

you can think that Why I say to find a way to talk with her, in fact, according to my personal experience, conversation with her, can make you confident, without communicating you can't show yourself to her that who you are, so try to find a way to talk with her anyhow, 
how to attract a girl ,how to persuade a girl

now you may think that how can I talk with her? well, it is not really a tough work to talk with her, you can have many ideas to have a talk with her,  suppose if you are at an unknown place, you come across a girl, you can ask from her, hey can you tell me Where is that certain place in this area ? such types of question you may ask from her, 100% sure that she will reply to you if she shows a smile, you may make her wander through your conversation, thus you may get an opportunity to make friendship with her,

⇰ Try to show yourself smart 

you are already aware of how smart you are, you can show your smartness in any field you are in, smartness could be anything, this is the 2nd step of you, a girl may like you, like a friend who sings a song, when he came among the friends including girl as well, he starts singing ,we always appreciate his song ,girl also appreciate his singing ,thus he has been engaged with many girls ,this is how you have to show your smartness in keeping with your talents and wearing styles ,

⇰ Find her Liking and disliking 

once you realize that she feels good to talk with you, you may try to know her liking and disliking, accord to that you can act with her, m sure that she will start thinking about you, 

⇰ Be a funnyman

being a friend with a girl, you can not expect more to increase the level of your relationship with that should be a funny man, and should act your naughtiness with her, she may realize or may not realize, if she realizes the importance of your presence with her, she may be engaged with you may say anything to her, so apply this all tricks, and hope you have got some ideas, how to attract a girl .
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